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Wafer Roll Machine

The product line consists of :

1.      Slurry mixer                                                     1 set

    to make slurry

2.      Baking machine                                                1 set

    to bake the dough strip and roll the strip into stick and cut into required size

3.      Slurry feeding and core filling machine           1 set

To hang up slurry to the drum of baking machine and feed the cream or chocolate cream into rolled stick

4.      Cooling conveyor                                                 1set

    to cool the shaped stick

5.      Ball mill.                                                              1set

    to make cream or chocolate cream for filling

6.      Coloring  vat                                               1set

To make the side color strip for dual color products

According to the recipe, put all raw materials in the bucket of slurry mixer to be stirred till get uniformity slurry mixture. Then feed the slurry in sheet to the preheated baking drum, after baking one circle, peel the soft sheet from the drum by scrape knife. Then the sheet is fed to winding shaft, through winding and feeding, cut down to required stick size, hollow wafer stick be gotten. To Continuous feed to cooling conveyor through chutes.

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