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Sheet Cutting Laminator


The machine adopts cutting and overlapping system, using servo control in overlapping section to guarantee the accuracy of laminating. Thus the dough sheet will be even in thickness and the biscuit weight deviation will be controlled within a very small range.

a.        Feeding roller diameter: 300mm, rolling roller diameter 230mm, working width 1020mm

b.        The reciprocating motion for laminating of top and bottom trolley is controlled by servo motors, and the drive of top trolley is also controlled by servo motor.

c.        The dough sheet is cut before overlapping, the fresh dough will be always on the surface of dough sheet to ensure smooth biscuit surface.

d.       With wire mesh vibrating dust flour spreading machine

e.        Laminated layers: 8~12 layers

f.         Cover: 2mm thick stainless steel plate. 

g.        Touch screen control.

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